Steps to Recover Gmail Account Without Phone Number

Gmail is an email service provided by Google to its users and they can use it worldwide for free. Gmail is used for accessing various services of Google like sending, receiving, advertising, etc. It is also used for accessing some of the Google products also.

If a user wishes to access the Gmail account, they need password and username for the account. These details will identify the user and allow accessing the account. In case, the user has lost or forgotten the password, the account can be recovered by the procedure of Gmail account recovery without phone number which involves below listed steps:

Ways to Do Gmail Account Recovery :

  • The user has to visit the Gmail’s official page and the email address is entered in the given field.
  • The Forgot password link is then clicked in order to begin the recovery process.
  • The next page will come up which will ask the user to enter the last remembered password. If it is not known, the link which says the same can be clicked.
  • On the next page, a number is displayed which the user has to identify but if it is not recognized, the user can proceed further. Otherwise a verification code is received on the same phone number.
  • Another option of recovering the password is using the alternate email. The user when identifies the alternate email account, a reset link is sent there. By clicking on that link, the password can be reset and is used for signing-in to the Gmail account.

If the issue still persists or any other query is there, the user can contact the technical support. The contact info for reaching the technical executives is mentioned on Gmail website.

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