Recovery Process of Gmail Password Without Security Question

Gmail is an email service which is free of cost and is a product of Google. Gmail can be used for accessing various Google services and other web applications also. It is widely used by the users all over the world.

The products and services of Gmail are availed by the users by entering the username and password. These details if entered correctly will give the access to the account otherwise the access is denied. In case if the password of the account is lost or forgotten by the user, it can be recovered.  The steps for Gmail password recovery without security question are as follows:

  • The user is required to navigate to the official page of Gmail in the web browser.

  • Then, the Forgot password link should be clicked.

  • On the next page, the email address whose password needs to be recovered is entered.

  • After that, the user is asked to enter any last password that is remembered. If they do not remember any, the other option could be tried.

  • In the next option, the user needs to identify the phone number so that the verification could be sent. But if the user wants to try the other option, link needs to be clicked.

  • In this the user need to verify the alternate email by typing in the complete address. The alternate account will have the password reset options by which the user will have the new password.

  • The new password is then used along with the username for signing-in to the account in order to check if it is working.

If any issue still persists, the user can contact the Gmail technical support. The contact info by which the support department to Gmail Account Recovery Without Security Question can be reached is mentioned on the website of Gmail help.

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