Follow These Mentioned Steps and Reset Your Telus Email Account Password !!

Users of Telus email face the major issue of this email i.e. to reset their Telus email account password every now and then. The resetting or changing the password requires some steps that should be followed correctly by the users.

Therefore, mentioned below are the steps to reset the password of Telus email :

  • First of all the Telus email account users are required to sign in to their account with the correct user name or the password.
  • Then from there they are supposed to go to the accounts option and should proceed to the next step.
  • The users should then go to the Telus high speed section.
  • From there the view details/modify option should be selected by the users.
  • After this the users need to go to the email box menu and then select on the change password menu.
  • Now the users are supposed to enter their new password in the required space.
  • Once the new password is entered, the users need to select on change.
  • Hence, the password of Telus email account will be changed.

So, by following this above mentioned process the users will easily be able to change their Telus email password. Besides, if there is any query or the users find any difficulty processing these password changing steps then they can dial the Telus email password reset number at any time of the day and can get the best possible details regarding it.

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